The wines that are produced and bottled by [ yellow tail ] out of Australia are by far my favorite wines right now. They also have a pretty cool website (how appropriate ;)). On the site you can check out different ways to enjoy and pair their wines, and there is even a rewards membership that allows you to earn points to get cool stuff.

Any[roo] (ha) – The wine I served with Dinner Day 1 was one of my absolute favorites for any occasion – [ yellow tail ] Shiraz

The website describes it as having “ripe cherries and strawberries, spice and vanilla aromas”.

All in all, I absolutely love it. And it went along amazingly with the barbecued steaks that we had prepared.

Since my branching out from Sutter Home White Zinfandel, I have decided to try a new wine with each meal, or dessert, and I will be posting them on here frequently. Thanks for reading 🙂