For my second extravagant meal, I decided to make stuffed bell peppers. They turned out amazingly. I got the recipe from New Italian Recipes. It was pretty simple to make and didn’t take very long.

I used green bell peppers which were stuffed with a tomato sauce and rice mixture that also contained many other spices, including cinnamon and brown sugar. Next time I decide to use this recipe, I think I will leave the brown sugar out because it was very strong in the overall flavor. Also, I think the bell peppers were sweet enough and the brown sugar took it just a wee bit overboard.

In the recipe, it said to add 1lb of ground beef or turkey. I left this out because I decided to serve them with Montreal seasoning rubbed ribeye steaks. I purchased them from Safeway at a pretty decent price. After rubbing them with the seasoning, I pan fried them (about 10 minutes each side). The result was delicious juicy steaks that went perfectly with the bell peppers.

Lastly, I made a cucumber salad, which was SUPER simple and quick. I sliced two cucumbers (after cutting off the skin), and let them soak for about an hour in a red wine vinegar and olive oil mixture. I did about half and half for each and added salt and pepper to taste. It was absolutely delicious especially with the warm weather and this Italian inspired dinner.

Top off the baked bell peppers with cheddar and mozzarella cheese and fresh basil. Bellisimo!!