Wine day 3 features a new wine maker that goes by Barefoot Wine & Bubbly out of California. You can check them out at where you can check out all their wines and bubblies as well as check out recipes that use their products. They are the most awarded California brand of wine that you can pick up almost anywhere for under $15. The wine featured here will be there Moscato. It is an exceptionally sweet wine, somewhat close to a Reisling (which I’m hoping to write about later) but sweeter. Barefoot describes it as “Delightfully sweet with lush fruity aromas”.  I bought this wine to go with a freezer section turtle pie (which I can’t find an image of currently – I will try to update later). I didn’t expect the wine to be nearly as sweet as it was, and unfortunately, it was really too sweet for my taste. However, it can also be paired with cheese and fruits, which I feel may have been a better match to dull it down a bit.

SO – If you are a new wine drinker, and can’t quite get past the strength and dryness of some of the red wines, this may be a good place to start. And with a bottle being around $8 it’s definitely worth a try!