Cooking the onion and the bell pepper

For dinner day 5 I felt like taking requests (and I was quickly running out of creative ideas đŸ˜› ). So I asked my boyfriend what he wanted for dinner – he said tacos. Tacos? We JUST had tacos- apparently, I had done well. I asked him to give me a different idea, but he refused. He said he wanted real tacos not fish tacos, and that there was a difference. FINE. I finally decided on Chicken Fajitas. Similar to tacos but… different. The recipe I used came from The Food Network, and only took about an hour to make including marinating time for the chicken.The result was a deliciously zesty hand held meal that made everyone in the house happy and full.

The chicken I used was thin cut breast fillets – which helped speed up the cooking process, but also fit perfectly into the tortillas. Also – I used homestyle tortillas, which are basically the thicker version of a normal flour tortilla (think pita bread). These were better than normal tortillas because they held together no matter how much stuff you put in them.

As I continue to explore the world of cooking, I realize that mostly any recipe can be modified (of course depending on the overall importance of the ingredient) In this particular recipe, I did not use the potatoes that they bake to serve inside of the fajitas. I guess it was a bit close-minded of me, but since I had never seen or heard of a fajita with potatoes I thought this change would be okay and would speed up the process even more.

The recipe tells you to put the chicken marinade (cilantro, garlic, lime juice, olive oil, cayenne pepper) into a blender… this DID NOT work for me. My blender was definitely not powerful enough to chop up all that cilantro. I improvised and used the partially blended  mixture to the top of the chicken to marinate in the fridge. It was a little ugly looking so I didn’t take a picture, but try making it in the blender and you will understand it.  This is also a great find for my New Found Necessities category – A food processor, or as my mom calls it a Cuisinart (which I believe is a nice brand of food processor). But more about that later…

Simple can still be delicious

This meal was absolutely delicious (as all my meals have been *gloat*) and quite easy to make. The fajitas were complete with a topping of sour cream, salsa and jack cheese. I paired it with a simple iceberg lettuce and tomato salad which I thought was a bit dull at first, but everyone seemed to love it (judging by the empty bowl), and who can resist some delicious ranch dressing.


Now, because this meal was so delicious, I forgot to take a picture of my plate before half of my food was gone. I am therefore apologizing for the picture below due to its lack of photographic value, but hopefully it conveys how delicious the meal was and how happy everyone was to eat it đŸ™‚


The amazing disappearing fajita trick