Happy 4th Everyone!! This post was inspired by the Life Tastes Like Food blog post on chocolate covered strawberries. Today we are attending a family BBQ for my boyfriend’s family, and each of us were asked to bring something – either a side or a dessert. My original idea was a fruit salad, but after little to no deliberation I decided I wanted a dessert instead. So I went with chocolate covered strawberries. This post was featured on WordPress’ home page and I was immediately sold to the idea. They were surprisingly easy (I think the fruit salad may have been more time consuming) and the result looks absolutely superb. Not only do they look delicious, but it looks like I spent a ton of time on them!! Thank you Life Tastes Like Food for making me look GOOD! haha.

I used 4 lbs of strawberries (about 60 berries total) and 2 bags of white chocolate chips. I melted them down using a homemade double boiler – which is simply a glass bowl set on top of a saucepan. The saucepan is filled with about 1-2 inches of water which is simmered on the stove at a very low setting so as not to burn the chocolate. The chocolate melts slowly – so this does require some patience. After the chocolate is melted you simply dip the strawberries in and rest them on a wax paper lined tray to allow the chocolate to harden. I also made some chocolate dipped spoons (which I topped with a slice of strawberry) for the kids to enjoy.

Once all the strawberries were dipped I created the frosting listed in the blog (mentioned above). It consists of 1 cup of powdered sugar, 1 Tbsp of milk and 1 Tbsp of light corn syrup – Mix in a few drops of blue food covering for a beautiful 4th of July color palette. I have yet to try any of these (trying to save some for everyone else haha) but I will definitely be posting an update on how these turned out. For now, they look beautiful and I couldn’t be happier!