For last night’s dinner I scurried to the store to buy everything I needed for a gourmet-style spaghetti sauce with turkey meatballs. It was absolutely delish! We were a bit tired of all the mexican food in our lives, and since our roommate can’t eat cheese (we were going to make manicotti) I decided on the next best pasta dish I could think of. I LOVE tomato sauce. And I’m not talking Ragu or Prego or any of the store bought varieties. I’m talking a super delicious explode in your mouth kind of pasta sauce. You can find the recipe to the sauce I used on my blog here.

This was my first attempt at my own spaghetti sauce and it turned out pretty tasty. Not only that but it only took me about 45 minutes to make including the simmering time of about 30 minutes.

For this particular meal, I added some items to the original recipe, which you can do as well. I added a large green bell pepper cut into chunks, a can of stewed sliced tomatoes (with no salt added) and the turkey meatballs seen in the last photo. You can add other things as well, such as ground beef/turkey or other vegetables. I didn’t care too much for the green bell pepper unfortunately. I felt that it was a bit overpowering and the next time I used the stewed tomatoes I think I will drain the juice before adding as the tomato juice they were canned in was also a little too flavorful. Other than that it turned out quite tasty. Here’s what my shopping list looked like in case you want to run to the store to make it –

1 bag of frozen turkey meatballs

1 (8oz) tomato sauce

2 (6oz) tomato paste

1 can of stewed tomatoes

1 large onion

1 large green bell pepper

1 package of multigrain spaghetti

Everything else in the recipe I already had at home, so it was a quick and painless trip to the store. Since the spaghetti was already loaded with vegetables the only side I served was some delicious artisan sourdough garlic bread. All in all, it turned out spectacular. And I will definitely be experimenting with my sauce recipe in meals to come.