Good morning all!

As my week flies by I haven’t had much time to make anything delicious. I have been working with my band ( in the studio to create our debut album. And while I am so excited to almost have this project complete, I am missing my kitchen! We have practice and recording all week, except for Friday night when I am hoping to have some time to make kitchenaidsomething pumpkin flavored. But until then, I figured I would add a post to highlight one of the most important gadgets I have in my kitchen – my mixer. Seriously,  I don’t know how I ever lived without it. Oh wait, yes I do, because I never baked anything – ha. Anywho, having a mixer has changed the way I do business in the kitchen. Nothing is off limits, and it has come in handy on several occasions – nay, absolutely necessary.

There are so many different kinds of mixers on the market. They range in quality, price, functionality and even colors. The  most popular of which seems to be the Kitchenaid brand stand mixer. I would consider this the Cadillac of mixers, and I can’t wait to someday have my own preferably in one of their candy coated colors. They are so cute!! However, being the best usually means also being the most expensive, so perhaps this beauty will be going on my Christmas wish list.

Last year, I asked for a hand mixer which are usually relatively inexpensive. My boyfriend’s mom is amazing and took it a step mixerfurther by gifting to me a stand mixer which double as a hand mixer. The version I have is made by Hamilton Beach. It has 6 speeds, a burst setting, comes with normal mixing attachments, a whisk attachment and what I believe to be mini bread hooks. Not only all this, but the top of the mixer comes off of the stand and can be used as a hand mixer. How cool is that?? It has come in handy so many times and I just love it. Best part is it’s reasonably priced – I’ve seen it all over the internet ranging from $30 to $60.

This is definitely a purchase to consider if you’re getting into any sort of baking. Especially for things like cheesecake mixtures (see my gluten free recipe here) and bread recipes (see my sandwich roll recipe here). I absolutely love having it, and couldn’t imagine baking without it.