The weather is finally cooling down and that means it’s time for one of my favorite things to eat – soup. Potato soup, tomato soup, chicken noodle each with a toasty sandwich to go with it. Yumazing!!

This particular soup is a total new favorite of mine and I will be making it several times this season – especially since my boyfriend LOVED it. It is so easy to make, and only requires 7 ingredients – 6 of those being canned – so just open, pour and heat. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any images of this amazingness, but you can check out where I found the recipe here. The only thing I changed was instead of canned chicken I boiled some chicken breasts and shredded them into the soup and did not add the chicken bouillon. It has such a great kick to it and I could eat til I pop.

Here’s the ingredients – just pour all together and heat.

Tomato soup

Diced tomatoes w/ green chiles

Kernel corn

Creamed corn

Chicken and rice soup

Ranch style beans

Shredded chicken

Top with sour cream and grated cheddar cheese and sprinkle over Fritos for a special crunchy addition.

YUM YUM YUM!!! Definitely try this and let me know if you love it as much as I do!