Wow – so it has been two years since entering my cooking adventures into this blog – where does the time go? I must say, however, that I am proud of how far I’ve come in my world of cooking and food.

I was thinking about this blog not too long ago and decided that while my skills may have improved, that I am still not by any means a chef among chefs. I am constantly learning, and I love the adventure of new recipes, new gadgets and new tastes. That being said, I’ve decided to pick up where I have left off.  I have added a new category “Treats” and will most likely also change the “Wines” section to a “Beverages” section to include other tasty drink, juice, smoothie, wine and beers that I find along the way. I hope you all enjoy!



Also –

I’m in a band called Once An Empire if you’d like to check it out:

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Original About Post:

Hello there, and welcome to my new blog where I will be exploring the grand world of food and wine, or more specifically cooking food and drinking wine.

I grew up with my mom being an avid baker. She would make everything from cinnamon rolls to cheesecake and while I loved eating all of her delectable treats, I never really paid attention on how to make them. This spawned a great curiosity towards cooking for me. In my young adult years I realized that anything I tried to cook turned to mush and my menu was sparse – macaroni and cheese or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, freezer foods and fast food. I wasn’t able to mess these things up, and it was all too easy to get comfortable eating out every chance I got. It all changed with a realization that I am getting older (I’m only 22 but what the hell!!). I’m in a serious relationship with a guy I love with all my heart, but who wants to be with a woman who can’t cook! 😉  And so, my journey began. I MUST learn to make things that will not only be delicious to eat, but will make your mouth water at the sound and sights of my creation. I hope to grow by leaps and bounds, and while I still can’t cook by intuition (a recipe is still definitely required), I am slowly building my confidence and my collection of kitchen tools as I embark on my journey. I don’t want to be a chef or open a restaurant, but I would like to be able to feed my family and friends and treat myself to something I never thought I could do.

Thanks for reading!!