from life hacker.comThere’s nothing that I love more than a beautiful presentation. This obsession has made me realize that I would love to plan weddings and parties, but alas I am stuck with conventions and expos, which are definitely not as pretty. Part of a beautiful presentation, at least as far as food goes, is a proper place setting, especially when dealing with multiple courses. I often wish my family was bigger and more inclined to come to my house so I could set and host a beautiful table with such place settings; however, place settings like these can often become overwhelming to some because it seems to be so under used. With TV trays and weeknight episode obsessions it seems family dinners have all but gone out the window, it’s no wonder people don’t know the different between their wine glasses the different forks. This little cheat sheet comes from and helps you to remember which is which.  But for those of you who already know that, let’s look at different types of place settings.

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