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20131017_194551I’ve never been a big cake person, however I LOVE a good chocolate cake. I have tried layer cakes before (a long time ago) and was never able to make them beautiful the way they were intended. The cakes would fall apart, or get stuck in the pan, or the frosting would rip off parts of the cake – SO MAD!!! But this time was different, SO SO different. This cake turned out amazing looking and tasting, even if it did take me a while to make. The chocolate pairs perfectly with the raspberries and the fresh raspberries on top with powdered sugar gives a perfect presentation. If you need a dessert to impress – this is it, and if I can make it, so can you! I found the recipe on and made some small changes as usual. Instead of pre-packaged raspberry jam, I made my own filling with fresh raspberries and had to find a quick fix for not having buttermilk. Let’s go!

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I can’t believe I am still posting stuff from last weekend! Is it better to space them out? Because I feel like it is, but maybe you guys would rather see it all at once – Let me know!


Anywho, these bars were created because I had run out of muffin cups while making my Caramel Apple Pie Mini Cheesecakes. I had made about 12 minis and still had filling left over, and I am not one to waste. So I needed to find something that didn’t require muffin cups, and would only need a small amount of filling since I didn’t have enough to do a whole cheesecake. I decided on these delectable cheesecake bars. I found the recipe on Food Network‘s website, and I picked it apart to use only the parts that I needed (divided in half) – the crust and the amazing streusel topping.

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