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Breakfast – quite possibly one of my favorite meals to eat as well as cook. Now this pancake recipe is easy as pie – forget the bisquick and krusteaz people!! It’s really as easy as just mixing a few ingredients together, and what’s better, is you probably already have the ingredients at home – which is always my favorite.

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Time for another dollar saving dinner –

Right now I am currently saving for a trip to Hawaii, my  sister’s 21st birthday, fall semester (school is NOT cheap), my vehicle registration PLUS all my other expenses. During times like these it’s important to not sacrifice the quality of the food you eat just because it “feels” like fast food is cheaper.

This dinner has been handed down from my Dad for as long as I can remember (my parents were SUPER savers when it came to making sure their family was eating right). It’s a super simple recipe to conjure and only requires a few relatively low cost ingredients. My sister actually put the meal together this particular time, but it turned out exactly as Dad always made it – delicious every time.

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This weekend, I decided to bake my little butt off. I ended with three different desserts which I will be sharing on my blog!

The first of which may be classified as a pastry or a snack – the muffin. But I think the muffin deserves more credit. After all, if you love fresh fruit and eating healthy (when it works 😉 ) then you know that a muffin can sometimes be just as tantalizing as a cookie. These muffins are no exception. They have the perfect consistency and with a cream cheese frosting these muffins are definitely something else.

I will admit I was skeptical when I saw that the recipe called for yogurt and not butter, but I took it as an opportunity to once again swap my ingredients. I used the fresh bananas as called for in the recipe, and swapped the plain yogurt for strawberry yogurt. The result was just what I wanted.

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This will be the first Dollar Saving Dinner Day for this blog. Everyone goes through rough times, or in my case, money saving times when you can’t always just run to the grocery store and buy whatever your heart desires. But that doesn’t mean that you should run to the nearest Jack in the Box for $.99 tacos (although, I am guilty). As I have been continuing my cooking journey, I’ve learned that it’s just as important to be able to make something out of nothing.

So for the first Dollar Saving Dinner Day – We made Tuna Mac. This is one of our go-to staples for a quick and easy cheap dinner. My boyfriend usually makes it (he actually introduced me). It only requires 4 ingredients that most people have laying around (especially if you have kids – I’m a sucker for kids’ food). Let’s get started.

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Growing up my mom frequently made us our own personal french bread pizzas. They were great because the bread was


always nice and fluffy and they were easy to take as leftovers as well as easy to make. For this meal, I decided to make a Pesto Pizza variation. It took me only about 5 minutes to make and about 10 minutes to bake (broil).

I bought sourdough sandwich rolls which are pre-cut, and a small jar of pesto sauce. You could also make your own pesto with basil, olive oil and garlic, but since I do not have a food processor, this was the best option.

You simple spread the pesto over the tops of the separated sandwich rolls, sprinkle mozzarella cheese over the top, place in the oven for about 10 minutes on broil (I like to leave them until the edges are crispy. I then cut up two large tomatoes to place on top. And there you have it – a super simple yet delicious meal and something a bit out of the ordinary.

(Note: Also did a lactose free variety with Veggie Shreds in mozzarella flavor.)

one of my favorite meals - Personal Pesto Pizza

For last night’s dinner I scurried to the store to buy everything I needed for a gourmet-style spaghetti sauce with turkey meatballs. It was absolutely delish! We were a bit tired of all the mexican food in our lives, and since our roommate can’t eat cheese (we were going to make manicotti) I decided on the next best pasta dish I could think of. I LOVE tomato sauce. And I’m not talking Ragu or Prego or any of the store bought varieties. I’m talking a super delicious explode in your mouth kind of pasta sauce. You can find the recipe to the sauce I used on my blog here.

This was my first attempt at my own spaghetti sauce and it turned out pretty tasty. Not only that but it only took me about 45 minutes to make including the simmering time of about 30 minutes.

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Dinner Day 6 – No plans, no recipes, ALL intuition and leftover ingredients. I am so proud that I finally was able to whip together a dinner without anyone telling me what to use or how to use it. This post will be somewhat brief; however I have many photos to add in here (I was in a photographic kind of mood). This meal was super easy and could probably be made without having to make a trip to the store (so awesome!). Below is a list of all the things you need to make this. I will also provide some suggestions for things you could add to make it even more delectable. Here we go –

2 tomatoes (diced or sliced into chunks)

1/2 large white onion (diced)

2 cloves of garlic (minced)

About a handful of spaghetti (or whatever pasta you have lying around)

Olive oil (just enough to coat your noodles)

Parsley flakes

Parmesan cheese

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